Path Of Creation

Our journey of creating a path for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to create a joint vision of reconciliation began in 2022. A timeline highlighting some of our achievements is below.

Name and Logo

Origins of the tipi:

The tipi is much more than shelter. The poles of the tipi are also the foundation of Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing. There are different ways to set up a tipi based on the area. We did not focus on a Treaty Territory; instead, by bringing the poles together in our logo, we represent respect and community/relationships as the two primary purposes of the Foundation.

Note: We recognize there are other ways to spell tipi, such as teepee or tepee. We have opted to use the version tied to the International Phonetic Alphabet for ease with newcomers to Canada.


For the healing process to continue, individuals, families and communities must have hope. This is what the Tipi of Hope Foundation is all about.

  • Is circular, representing talking, teaching, learning, sharing, and kinship. This sacred symbol represents all forms of life and is crucial for Indigenous spirituality, family, gatherings of people, meetings, songs, and dances.
  • The poles connected the earth to the sky. As the Tipi of Hope is a dream for our Founder, we represented the night sky and stars in our logo to represent all dreams.
  • As our Founder is Indigenous, we recognize the meaning behind walking in the footsteps of our ancestors in the spirit of unity for all and reconciliation.

– Our graphic logo was created by –

Métis Graphic Designer

Cameron Bunney

Delreé Dumont is a proud member of the Onion Lake Cree Nation and created painted versions of our logo in October 2022. These versions will be used in many of our publications and on merchandise.

We thank Cameron and Delreé for collaborating with us!

The Tipi of Hope Foundation owns full copyright and trademark to its name and logo. It cannot be used in any way without our written consent.

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