Why is your donation important?

We launched in September 2022. As a new Registered Charity and we continue to celebrate and highlight the following impacts:

  • 3 Indigenous Communities have benefited from our Indigenous Community Programs.
  • 650 children and educators have participated in our Educational Programs delivered by Tipi of Hope.
  • 128 pairs of new shoes totaling $12,000.00 have been donated to Indigenous Communities.

Our impact will continue to grow – with your help!

And we can only implement these programs and initiatives with the help of partners, sponsors and donations. The Tipi of Hope is currently 100% volunteer-led, and we rely on donations from the community for these programs and initiatives.

In Your Words

Thank you to Tipi of Hope Foundation for your presentation. Reconciliation is remembering – acknowledging the past and learning from mistakes. Learning the history of Indigenous peoples and passing that knowledge down to my family.


Thank you to Melissa for sharing your family’s story with us! Your presentation was very heartfelt, moving, and enlightening! Sharing your thoughts and feelings brings us all steps forward in understanding the legacy of indigenous peoples.

Laurie, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Listening, feeling, and being okay with being in the uncomfortable space around learning and educating myself on these very diverse cultures and how to reconcile. Thanks, Melissa, for your thoughtful presentation.


There are walking angels who are here to help us and not judge.

Tsuut’ina Nation Member

The new shoes helped me to get back on my feet.

Métis Nation of Alberta Member

To give a kid confidence, helping a kid get a hand up, to me that’s Truth and Reconciliation.

Kristen Acuna, Métis Nation of Alberta

It made me feel very vulnerable, where it made me realize that this is something that we need as people, that we need that bridge to be built with others coming in to help us with our healing.

September Daniels, Tsuut'ina Nation
Together we can achieve reconciliation.

Tipi of Hope’s Annual Report contains a statement of financial position and our Audited Financial Statements will be released in 2025. The results of this audit will be released, and we are working towards having our efficiency ratios within the Guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency. Our percentages for administration expenses, fundraising expenses, and charitable programs will be released at that time.

On behalf of the Tipi of Hope Foundation, we thank you for your support!